Kendell Elliott | Certified Sleep Coach

Welcome to Kiddie Winks!


My name is Kendell, I am a Certified Sleep Consultant and the founder of Kiddie Winks Pediatric Sleep Consulting.  I live in Kamloops, BC with my wonderful husband, our beautiful son, a crazy Goldendoodle and am due with our second child in September! 

If you're reading this I want you to know that I hear your struggles and I feel your pain because I've been exactly where you are - searching online for someone to help.   


It seems when you have a baby there are 3 common questions people ask - is it a boy or a girl?  What did you name him? How is he sleeping? 


When my son, Grayson, was born my husband and I were elated, we were so in love with our baby boy that it was easy to ignore the sleepless nights for the first couple of weeks.  Naturally, he had his days and nights mixed up and putting him down for any amount of time was not an option.  It was hard for us to understand why a baby doesn't just sleep when he's tired!?  Then around 2.5 months my sweet boy miraculously began to sleep through the night and I thought, "oh, ok this is easy!"  I was wrong.  He slept just enough for me to recharge my batteries and realize just how important sleep was for both of us, but it didn't last.  Before long I found myself in the throes of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and realized this was anything but easy.  Grayson was awake every 1 - 2 hours through the night and was having an even harder time napping.  Like everyone else we tried anything we could think of to get him to sleep - car rides, bouncing and rocking, nursing, sleeping in our arms and together we had developed a very strong nurse-to-sleep association and he was unable to stay asleep anytime his soother fell out.  I needed help!  Researching infant sleep became my second job and I was beyond dedicated to getting my family the rest we all needed and deserved.  I read countless books and spent hours online trying to learn everything I could for him, for us.  I decided to invest in our health and with the help of my own sleep coach I learned how to give my son the tools he needed to learn to sleep independently and without the need to sleep on me or my husband.  I learned to respect the amount of time he needed to be awake during the day and also the amount of time he needed to sleep.  Today, not only is Grayson a well rested and very happy little guy, but I am also able to be a better Mommy because I'm not continually running on an empty tank. 


Sleep saved my soul and I want it to save yours too.  I love being able to share this knowledge with anyone who might be struggling the way we did.  After studying with Sleep Baby Sleep I am proud to be a Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant and am so very grateful to be able to teach other families that a good night's sleep isn't just a dream!