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Hello and welcome to Kiddie Winks Pediatric Sleep Consulting. My name is Kendell Elliott and I am an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, certified by Sleep Baby Sleep. My goal is to educate you and your family about healthy sleep habits and assist you with any sleep struggles you are having, using gentle methods well within your comfort levels. Together we will make your sleep dreams a reality!

Unsure if a sleep consultant is right for you, or are you fearful that you will be forced to leave your baby crying alone until he or she falls asleep? Rest assured that it most definitely not the case. Read below to see why a Certified Sleep Consultant might be just the answer you're looking for!


1. I have been where you are, you can read my story in the about section of my website. I have cried the tears, I have felt the exhaustion and I have learned how to make it all better. I understand the initial hesitation around sleep training and also the anxiety surrounding the process because I've done it with my son. But I also found it so life changing afterwards. Not only am I a Sleep Consultant but I am a mother first and foremost and I will treat your baby as if it were my own.

2. As I mentioned, I will never ask you to leave your baby alone while they cry themselves to sleep. This method is not one that I practice and only in extreme cases would I ever recommend this for you and your little one. My methods are gentle and tailored completely to your family, your comfort levels and your ultimate goals at the end of our time together. No two babies are alike and therefore neither are my sleep plans.

3. During our time together I will be in direct contact with you every step of the way (or as little as you'd like as offered in some do-it-yourself packages) . I am here for you for every step of the way, for any bumps in the road and for each victory big or small!

4. I can help you plan ahead for all of the big milestones in your baby's little life. The inevitable milestones that will no doubt impact your little ones sleep including regressions, nap transitions, separation anxiety, daylight savings or moving to a toddler bed, just to name a few.

5. The sooner you start the better! Poor sleep takes a huge toll on both you and your child, affecting mental, physical and emotional health as well as attitude, concentration levels and academic performance to name a few. Research shows that poor sleep habits can sometimes take up to 5 years to resolve, so its best to address the issue as soon as possible.

If you're ready to start your journey to better sleep or if you just simply have questions, comments or concerns please reach out to me via email at kendell@kiddiewinkssleep.com or visit the contact page to get in touch. Together we will turn your dreams of better sleep into reality!